In this episode, I talk to Yoystan from the YouTube Channel "Men Of The West". Every week he releases content about the legendarium of J.R.R Tolkien such as the Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and other works.

His videos have had more than 5.8 million views and he is subscribed to by over 60,000 fans. I found his channel as a recommended watch on YouTube. After watching the first video...I was hooked. By combining video, images, and music that are all from (or inspired by) Tolkien's works; he dives into super deep reviews and backstory history on the characters, places, and events in Middle Earth.

Join us as we geek out about The Lord of the Rings and everything the Tolkienverse contains as well as how Yoystan has been able to turn his fandom into a solid side hustle career that helps support him while pursuing a college degree full time.

After you listen, make sure and check out these curated links for some of the things we talk about in the show:

Aragorn's Ring of Barahir


Be like Yoystan and get your own Ring of Barahir! Be inspired by the King Elessar himself. Aragorn's courage will aide you as you wear the beautiful ring of the Gondor Kings.

The Lord of the Rings: Anduril, sword of King Elessar


You heard Yoystan...this is required for your trip to the Phantom Zone! Get this amazing reproduction of Anduril from United Cutlery. Simply beautiful it would look great hanging on your wall...or planted firmly in your hand if the need arises!

Funko POP! The Lord of the Rings Balrog 6" Action Figure


This just came in to our headquarters the other day and! YOU SHALL NOT PASS THIS ITEM UP!!! Affordable and epic looking in or out of the box.  A great addition to the corner of your desk to stop Bob from Accounting from wasting your time with random talk.

Gentle Giant Lord of the Rings Gandalf Bust with Light-Up Staff


This is a considerably nicer statue than the one we talk about on the show.  Gentle Giant is known for their amazing busts and statues and this one is no exception.  The staff even lights up for those dark places of the world you may want to display this. I think you can feel the words of wisdom from this statue...provided that you buy it!

The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings Book Set


Obviously, this is essential.  Where it all started -- in the printed form! If you don't already have them, the collection of books is required reading to hear exactly how Tolkien himself built this world.

The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy (The Fellowship of the Ring / The Two Towers / The Return of the King)


The epic trilogy directed Peter Jackson.  Bring home this beautiful, high definition, blu-ray set of the extended edition. Adding back in the additional footage that was originally cut, Jackson fleshes out further the very faithful adaptation of the Tolkein books.

The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey Dwalin's Axes Prop Replicas


This is not Gimli's axe that we talk about on the show...but it is his kin! You can get in on the pre-order for this new release coming in February of 2018 from WETA Collectibles -- the studio that made the actual props for the movie. Just make sure and don't cut fruit with this...

Lord of the Rings Legolas 1:6 Scale Action Figure


The Prince of the Woodland Elves looks great in this new upcoming release from Asmus Toys. Poised and ready for action, Legolas will make an impressive addition to any shelf. Legolas...get them up!

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