#3 - X-Men: The Animated Series

$1.99 per episode

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#2 - Craig's Pick - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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#2 - Nate's Pick - Transformers

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#2 - Zach's Pick - Beast Wars

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#1 - Craig's Pick - Batman: The Animated Series

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#1 - Nate's Pick - Robotech

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#1 - Zach's Pick - Spider-Man: The Animated Series

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SHOW NOTES: Your Forgotten Youth - Episode 01 - 80s & 90s Cartoons

We discuss our Top 3 Picks (plus honorable mentions) for favorite cartoons from our childhood's in the 80s and 90s.

  • 4:45 - All 3 of us picked X-Men TAS and then we discuss why and how it has aged

  • 8:30 - Craig picked his #2 - TMNT - We discuss the cartoons, comics, some brief history, favorite weapon choices, quick video game memory, and how they made Craig fat by encouraging pizza consumption

  • 11:57 - Nate picked his #2 - Transformers - Nate talks about what he thought of the story lines and how no one ever got hurt, we talk about cartoon PSA's, and how on-demand video availability has changed everything for kids these days

  • 15:15 - Zach picked his #2 - Beast Wars - He almost picked Transformers but picked the variation of it instead and tells how he loved the show and the video games, and then he then discusses what he didn't like about regular Transformers

  • 16:44 - Craig picked his #1 - Batman TAS - He discusses how he was the prime age target for the show and his excitement, the impact on it showing him emotional story telling, Nate agrees that it has aged pretty well, and we discuss how it has influenced future Batman content -- CORRECTION: we realize the Tim Burton Batman came before the cartoon!!

  • 23:18 - Nate picks his #1 - Robotech - He gives some backstory and history of the series and how it influenced him to experience other anime

  • 26:36 - Zack picks his #1 - Spider-Man TAS - He had a toss up with Ghostbusters, but picked this instead because of the memories of watching it with his brothers; he discusses how it helped him progress to knowing more about other Marvel characters -- even though now he is more of a DC fan

  • 28:10 - We talk about watching stuff we have never watched and doing future shows

  • 29:00 - Honorable Mentions - Tailspin - Where the question is asked; were they drug runners?

  • 29:41 - Honorable Mentions - Ducktales - Good memories of the Nintendo game / Disney channel used to be premium!

  • 30:54 - Honorable Mentions - Animaniacs - They were good filler for Zach on the side, and we discuss being nervous for the Ducktales remake

  • 31:33 - Honorable Mentions - Tiny Toon Adventures / Muppet babies - Star Wars episode

  • 31:58 - Honorable Mentions - Space Ghost Coast to Coast - they totally stuck in adult humor and how this was past 13 for Nate but not for Craig and Zach

  • 33:50 - Honorable Mentions - Thundercats - We agree it has not aged well but is still awesome and in Craig's top 5; Zach had VHS tapes that his mom bought him and his brothers

  • 34:30 - Honorable Mentions - GI Joe - Nate loved the show even though it got old in the story lines - craig never got into it much despite loving green army men

  • 35:15 - Honorable Mentions - Darkwing Duck

  • 35:23 - Honorable Mentions - Masters of the Universe - Craig loved it despite the silly PSA's, Nate was kind of meh on it but does a good Skeletor voice, and Zach had a love/hate with MOTU and doesn't think it aged well

  • 36:30 - Honorable Mentions - Captain Planet - Nate said no but Craig and Zach loved it, and Zach watched it a lot but is not necessarily greener with the Earth because of it

  • 36:55 - Honorable Mentions - Captain N and the Gamemasters - Nate is apparently the only one that remembers this 

  • 37:38 - We wrap things up until future shows discussing movies and toys from the same time period

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